Things which really irritate me

Something which really irritates me is the way a girl begins to act around a guy she likes. They don’t want to tell you that they like this guy, they try to keep it a secret but because they guy is your best friend he begins to question you why the hell she keeps whispering in his ear, why she keeps twirling her hair. I’m a girl too, i dont do that!

Another thing which really irritates me is the use of the word fuck. I mean, there is no need to use it 24/7. Half the time it doesn’t even make sense. Don’t abuse the word for Pete’s sake.

Another word which irritates me is the word ‘yolo’ why shorten a phrase? I can stand to hear the phrase ‘ you only live once’ but who on earth uses the word ‘yolo’. Why do people think that saying something and adding yolo at the end sounds good? It sounds stupid!

People who are constantly bragging about themselves do my head in so badly. They say one thing about themselves which makes you think that they are smart. After that they begin to just talk themselves up and you begin to think “Why would I care about that?”


Is there anything that truly irritates you guys? These are only a few but, if i began to write them  all then i’d be here all day. Literally!


Reading Other Blogs

I dont know if this is just me or not. Whenever i look at other people’s blogs i say to myself: “You have to go in  minutes. Read 1 or 2 posts and then you can go” That never is the case. I look at one post and then i find myself on somebody else’s blog. I don’t know how it happens but it does. Does this happen to anybody else too?

What really is love?

Do any of you ever wonder what love actually is? The definition of love is “an intense feeling of deep affection” Without even feeling the deep affection we just assume we are in love.

We constantly get hurt by those whom we love. Do you ever ask yourself ” Why is it that i love them?”

Is this the love that we deserve? Is this the love we asked for?When we look at our horoscopes don’t we always end up in the daily love horoscope? Is that natural? Are we seeking love by relying on horoscopes?

Basically, what I am trying to say is sit back, read this post. Ask yourself all of these questions and see if you can answer at least one. I sure found it hard to answer. I mean sure, we can all just give reply with words, but honestly, do we always say what we are thinking and only what we are thinking regardless of what it will make you realise?

I thought of all of these questions and realised today that the person i “loved” didn’t actually love me. I was a little distraction from what was effecting their love life. It’s always great when you find that bit out isn’t it?

Dont fool yourselves. Find someone who gives the love you deserve:) Dont be left in the desert hoping to be found.

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It is October for God’s Sake! OCTOBER! I am currently in the UK and it is Snowing! My sister an i were driving on a road and a very large quantity of rain was being blown about until we realised this was not rain, it was in fact snow.

Let me explain to you why i DO NOT like snow:

In my area, snow means: “oooh, lets grab snow off other people’s cars and scratch the car whilst we do it.”


Friends ‘ey? (Not really friends AT ALL)

Friends, you love them, you cherish them… THEY GET ON YOUR NERVES!


This is a little song i dedicated to my friend:

I wake up in the morning

I wonder what you are doing

I’ll  see you in a few hours time

I can’t believe that I am saying this

But Oh My God im praying that

You don’t see it this time

I’m hiding something from you

Because i dont wanna hurt you

But Why won’t you just understand

I dont give a shit about that.

When i think about the things you say

When you walk to me and say “Oh Hey”

Dont you think that i’m about to explode

Oh Man this is a song i’d love to record

Dont P me off, i swear to God

Your whiney little voice is annoying you



p.s. I say she is my friend so that if she reads this she doesn’t realise it’s about her. 🙂

But man does she irritate me. Please Nobody get offended by this song, i tried not to use any unsuitable words but some just blurted out so apologies to anyone who finds this offensive 🙂



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Brand New Blog

There are so many addictive sites out there whether it be good or bad. One day I was on one of those sites and got my self into stuff that I didn’t want to get myself into at all! If you are in fact reading this then you’re probably thinking well what does she mean? What I am trying to say is that, instead of being addicted to those sites, come onto this website and read Blogs, I promise you it will be worth it 🙂

Thanks Guys 🙂


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